flstudioI have been using FL Studio 11 for a couple of years.  Although it can be jumpy at times, I have loved using it.  It enables me to write some pretty great stuff.  You can check out the music I have produced by clicking here.  The ease of sharing my creations with friends, not only around the country, but around the world – having strangers give me feedback, positive or negative, and the very fact that it is possible to put tunes together with a pretty good standard and easily all adds to the enjoyment of using it.

So what about FL Studio 12

Well, I like it…so far.  It has slightly different controls to it’s predecessor, but it doesn’t take too long how to figure the basics out.  In actual fact, it probably took me more time initially to figure out FL 11 than it has FL12.  It just makes sense that it is a similar set up.

The music also runs a lot more smoothly.  It doesn’t have some of the crackles and pops of FL11 and it will be a lot of fun to figure it out.  Whether you like the music I have put together with FL11 is up to you, but I intend to progress from that style in FL12.  My style takes elements of trance, psychedelic trance, electronica, gabba and chill to create something that I actually quite like.  If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be promoting it.  I have friends who are more into producing drum and base and other EDM subgenres, but I will always love trance and my music will always be a true reflection of what is going on in my head – hence the psychedelic bit!!!  I love darker music.  I like the Aphex Twin and Gesaffelstein.  I feel I can relate to the artist through the music.  That is me.  I am fucked in the head and it’s nice to express it in my music.

As for FL 12, I think it has progressed.  It feels smooth to use and although it will be a little difficult in trial and error of how to use it to create my music, I will enjoy it and I will get a lot of pleasure in using it.  That is the main benefit of creating music for me…having fun and expressing my personality and what’s going on in my head.

If you would like to discover FL 12 for yourself, you can either subscribe to Image Line’s YouTube channel here, or you can go all out and get FL 12 for yourself here.  Have fun!


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