Join Joe Satriani on his Shockwave Tour – UK Dates Included

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Concerts, Guitar, Tour Dates

The man who many believe is the world’s greatest living guitarist is coming to the United Kingdom this November.  Joe Satriani who is a New York born and bred guitar genius is currently travelling the world with this tour.  As we type, he has just been through Eastern Europe and into Switzerland.

Joe Satriani started off his career in the early 1980’s, although someone with his skill would have been playing guitar his entire life.  I am unsure of when he started to play guitar, but you can be sure it was very early in his life.

During his career he has taught truly great guitarists.  He taught Steve Vai, Metallica’s Kirk Hammet and more.  Many professional players will class Satch as their number one guitar player. and many tennage boys in the 1980’s would scribble on walls, slogans such as “Satch is God” and similar statements.

I have personally seen Joe in concert twice.  I saw him in 1998 at the Birmingham NEC Arena and also in 1999 at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena.  Both events were excellent and I studied the way Joe played guitar for years afterwards.  He appears to use a lot of whammy bar techniques, but his understanding of music theory is world class too.  In order to reach his level of skill and understanding, you need to have been playing for a very long time.

When I saw Joe in concert, it was for the Crystal Planet tour and I was blown away by Joe’s skill and the phenomenal speed that he has on the fretboard.  Before I saw the concert, I hadn’t heard much of his music, but had heard that he was an outstanding guitarist and so I thought, why not?  Well, I was glad I went.  Not only had I found an incredible guitar player to study, I had also widened my taste in music.  That was the concert at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre.  The concert at the National Indoor Arena was just as good and my ears took a real hammering.  I left that place totally deaf – at least for a little while.  I could see people’s mouths moving, but couldn’t tell what they were saying.  It was an incredible night out and those concerts were some great times that I will never forget.




UK Tour Dates

Sunday, 1st Novembe – 02 Apollo – Manchester
Monday, 2nd November – Symphony Hall – Birmingham
Wednesday 4th November – Sheffield City Hall – Sheffield
Thursday, 5th November – St David’s Hall – Cardiff
Sunday 8th November – Colston Hall – Bristol


In the future, you will be able to purchase tickets through my blog, but for now I had to do this in short notice, so I will give you the option to purchase these tickets, as long as they are available, again well before these dates.

This video below gives you a taste of Joe’s music and was produced one day ago.


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