Posted: May 14, 2015 in Introduction


Welcome to the Elite Music Online blog.  You will find some fantastic offers here as well as reviews and news of what is happening in the music industry and even some interviews with some inspirational people.  Each week will look like this.

  • Sunday:  The Week Ahead
  • Monday:  Festivals all over the world that you need to look out for
  • Tuesday:  Instruments and technology that are hitting the market this week
  • Wednesday:  Focus on a community or service that is serving musicians worldwide
  • Thursday:  New album, single and LP releases
  • Friday:  Concert dates to look out for
  • Saturday:  We will look at a different band, artist or producer each Saturday

With our look into festivals, concerts, music releases and instruments and technology, we will try to cover everything that we know of that is hitting the market and everything that you need to know.  This will include many different genres – rock, blues, country, EDM genres, hip-hop, punk, classical and more.

More about EMO

Elite Music Online is a very new and exciting venture that brings musicians everything they need under one roof (or all one on website…really).  This includes all kinds of musical instruments and technology, merchandise, accessories (your favourite band’s clothing and other merchandise), gigging opportunities, concert and festival tickets, and even digital distribution services to have your music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Downloads and more.

Our CEO, David Verney, is a fan of trance music, a guitarist with 20 years experience, a wannabe EDM prodavatarucer and an experienced businessman with expertise in Twitter and enthusiasm for everything that makes money.  He is married to Catherine, a Christian and a lover of Jack Russell dogs.  He supports Tottenham Hotspur in the football (soccer if you’re an American) and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

In his working life, David specialises in sales and marketing and has worked for various companies before in a sales or marketing related position.  He has experience of social media and has the tenth most followed Twitter account in the West Bromwich and Oldbury areas.  Most of the top ten positions are taken by famous celebrities such as footballers, but David holds his place and has written a book that teaches people from scratch, how to use Twitter for business.  He includes many free services in this book that will rock your Twitter activity and enable you to achieve some of the same experience that David has experienced in the past few years.

To get a copy of David’s book, click here


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